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Cultural Quotient Student Name College Name Teacher Name Essay, Journalism, mass media and communication Introduction For building up a strong team, a successful manager plays a vital role. They must possess the elements that are essential for any effective manager and focuses on several aspects of leadership and management within his organization.


Moreover, the ultimate behavior that defines a fine line between the successful managers and the other managers is the Cultural Quotient also known as Cultural Intelligence Quotient. Like IQ and EQ, Cultural Quotient (CQ) is a set of expertise that has been proved to give the organizations a superior authority to survive in this competitive world. CQ could be defined as an individual’s capability to understand and function in an effective manner through the national and the organizational cultures (Livermore, 2010). Changes that occurred in the global business environment over last 20 years Everything in this world is changing, except for change itself. The rate at which the world has witnessed change over the past few decades is dramatic and amazing, both at the same time. The world has transformed into a global village in which everything is interrelated. Every walk of life has been influenced by these changes. The business world is mostly affected by change, in both positive and negative way. Factors that served as a catalyst for change are uncountable. They are numerous. However, two of the most important factors that initiated changes are globalization and technology. ...
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