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Critical Analysis Worksheet 1. In your own words, explain the mains points of the article (should be at least 200 words, provide some detail) Wenonah Hauter the author of Foodopoly: The Battle over the Future of Food and Farming in America, rightly points out the huge corporate monopoly and terms it as ‘foodopoly’ where a few, giant corporates have taken over the food industry.


Low nutrition expensive food is in the market not because of farmers’ equipment prices have soared, the consolidation is the real evil behind it. When someone walks into a shop, they see a huge number of brands selling different food products. This might seem like a good thing as more players enter in a market, competition increases and hence the quality and price remain under control. However the reality is far from it, those thousands of brands represent only a handful of companies, their parent companies, their real owners. There is one major distributor of organic food in the country and United National Food Inc. (UNFI) and Whole Foods are its major customers (Breaking up the Foodopoly, 2013). Companies use food science to make people addicted to the processed food – fat, sugar and salt are put in perfect combination so that the brain reaches nirvana, and releases dopamine; the brain sets up a neuro-circuit of eating food as a reward. Consolidated companies and food quality boards control everything, even the nutrition requirements, politicians are involved in it too, but there is still hope as things are improving. ...
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