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Informative Speech Outline - Research Paper Example


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Informative Speech Outline

The nature of this cessation of hostilities is cause for concern due to the fact that merely picking up where the last shots of 1953 left off in the Korean War is both feasible and according to many analysts quite possible. Relevance to audience: Ultimately, even if one does not have a friend or family member within the armed forces, the volatility of the Korean drama that is currently playing out on the world stage, threatens each and every one of the citizens of the United States. This is of course due to the fact that the current dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Un has threatened a nuclear missile strike upon the United States continent should war break out once again on the Korean Peninsula. Whereas the individuals within the current generation had become used to the fact that there are a number of groups and even nations within the world that would seek to do the United States harm, threatening nuclear war against United States and its citizens represents a new level of rhetoric that not even Al Qaeda has been bold enough to threaten. However, if one does have a friend or a family member in the armed services, it is likely that at some point within their career they will spend some time in or around South Korea. This is due to fact United States military continues to keep a full-time presence of just over 30,000 military personnel within South Korea as a means of deterring the north from any aggressive military action. Preview of speech: Today I would like share with you why the current

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conflict is being played out within North Korea is of vital importance to both Asian security as well as the health and safety of American civilian military personnel. Body: I: Conflict Background A: Close of World War II saw both the United States and the Soviet Union occupy the Korean Penninsula B: As they met along the 48th parallel, just as they did in Germany, they divided the nation. II. Conflict Escalates A: Kim Jong Un’s grandfather, Kim il Sung sought to reunify the two Koreas and invaded the South B: The newly formed United Nations with the United States sought to expel the North from the South and return the sovereignty that the South had lost as a result of the occupation III: Result of the Korean War A: After several back and forths between the army of North Korea and the combined armies of China and North Korea versus the United States and members of the United Nations, the two had fought themselves to a virtual standstill close to the original border at the 38th parallel (Jong-Han 257). B: A truce was signed and a demilitarized zone was created that allowed for the warring parties to continue the conflict but suspend military action C: The uneasy truce has existed ever since; with a few instances in which it looked as if it might again be broken. IV: The current time A: Death of Kim il Sung’s sun Kim Jong il placed Kim Jong Un on the seat of power B: Untried/untested/and unknown dictator appears to be seeking to show the world his level of power C: A very dangerous situation for all involved as it is hard to determine if the threats are real or are merely a type of adolescent bluster V: Why it matters A:


Topic: why North Korea represents a very real threat and should be taken seriously. General-purpose: to inform and to convince Specific purpose: To inform my speech class of why attention to and an understanding of the conflict that is currently playing out in the Korean Peninsula is of vital importance to understanding current world in which we live and the means by which a single dictatorship is able to destabilize an entire region, threatened the economic systems of the world, and ultimately threaten a nuclear war…
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Informative Speech Outline essay example
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