to what degree are these representation positive,negative, or politically mixed?

to what degree are these representation positive,negative, or politically mixed? Essay example
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Name Instructor Course Date Television and Women Television is one of the mass media forms that is sweeping the globe and significantly influencing the social, political and economic order of the society. The history of television dates back to 18th century when it began to gain great popularity in the media industry.


Television is embedded into culture and therefore significantly explains the observed gradual transformation of the social order through centuries. In respect of the Sex and The City (2003), “A Woman’s Right To Shoes” (season 6, episode 9) it is evident that the television technology is one of the greatest players when it comes to social reorganization that has been experienced over the years. It is imperative that some of the terms in this topic of gender under television media analysis are defined to give an insight into the underlying supportive ideas over the subject. Cultural forum is one of the concepts that need clear definition in respect of the existing relationship between television and media. In respect of television technology, the contemporary cultural system of the world undergoes continuous examination by the work of art. Television coverage explores various issues around the world and the aggregate role of this media therefore sums up as either informative or entertaining. The outstanding function of television is its exemplary recognition of the female gender, the minority group and children in the social framework. ...
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