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Gun Control

Gun Control

Responsible citizens are considered to contribute to society benefits by using firearms in a correct way. For ensuring gun control U.S government and defense department has chalked out some rules for the possession of firearms. Some of the points included for registered are extracted from the Federal Gun Control Act developed in 1968 in the U.S for possession of fire arms are responsible citizens abiding law, not addicted to drugs and alcohol, possessing U.S citizenship and must not be dropped out from military services (Moore & Reed, 1995). Not only crime issues but other issues such as hunting whether as a sport or for food purposes, has also reflected the serious issues of gun control legally and politically. Hunting is dangerous for wildlife and the natural environment as well. Even shooting has been a part of Olympic games and the use of pistols, guns, rifles etc had been a normal activity during sports in Olympic since 1912 (Moore & Reed, 1995). This paper has extracted content from various papers and stories from different countries such as Australia and its newspaper The Australian, Iran and its newspaper Fars News Agency and U.S and its newspapers Los Angeles Times.

Severe punishment enforced by gun control laws and reforms and imprisonment laws must be enforced to avoid the misuse and unauthorized possession of guns and ammunitions. On the other hand gun control laws must not be enforced with such tightly bonded realm where law abiding and responsible citizens are also punished by restricting them to the use of firearms. ...
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Gun control is not considered as a single issue rather it is considered as a root cause of many issues more considerably contributing towards a crime issue and even a rights issue by some people. Moreover it is also considered as a political, educational, security and even a racial issue…
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