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Running Head: Application Assignment Application Assignment Full Names Institution Course Details Dates Student and teachers need to have a healthy professional relationship which becomes beneficial to the two parties in the long-run. This leads to a professional relational development between the teacher and the student.


From my research it has revealed that when students communicate with their teachers via e-mails and there is a correspondence they view this as a good way of creating student teacher relationship. On the other hand if the teacher communicates with the students via e-mails and there is a correspondence then the teacher views this as way of fostering efficient teacher student relationship. Students have been noted to communicate with their teachers for a number of reasons and some of these reasons includes; Relational aspect. This is described as a bid to try and foster a professional relationship with the teacher. Students do this to familiarize with their teacher and know him well. The other one is the functional aspect .It involves the student giving explanation to the teacher providing reading materials and other syllabus homework and assignments to the students. Another reason why students communicate with their teachers is the participatory reason. Here the student wishes to show their interest and involvement in the class as well as their work. Another one is that of making excuses. In this reason the students try to give out reasons why they have not completed their assignments on time or why they are absent from their lectures or any other reason which might be involved or might arise in the course of their studies. ...
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