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JOURNALISM MASS MEDIA AND COMMUNICATION: REFLECTIVE REPORT. BY NAME: COURSE PRESENTED TO: DATE: Journalism Mass Media and Communication: Reflective Report. 1. Personal Skills Audit Skills and Qualities Evidence I can operate a wide range of high end cameras including Nikon D70, D90 or canon D 60 cameras.


d is critical than ever in journalism to ensure speed and accuracy in recording and reporting news (University of Kent, 2011) I have a thick skin and like meeting strangers Journalism requires meeting strangers both high profile and ordinary people, sometimes asking uncomfortable questions, that require a journalist to develop a thick skin (University of Kent, 2011) Am good in creativity and have a sense of humor Presenting any news requires creativity in ensuring one attracts the attention of the audience and presenting facts in an easy straightforward, but creative way. Personal skill Reflection Some of the major requirements essential in journalism have already been applied in different platforms as portrayed above. These include the use of high end cameras to shoot long-range cameras, where the Canon D90 and D60 cameras were used in picnics. ...
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