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Communication involves the exchange of information between two or more people and it also involves creation of meaning from information exchanged. Essentially, communication is a vital component of our lives since we use it on a daily basis.


The study of communication is vital since it impacts on all facets of live. Therefore, it can be argued that communication is valuable in our life since it shapes the way we live. From real life experience, it can be observed that people use communication to express themselves. Without communication, it may be impossible for other people to know what their colleagues think or like. As such, it is important for people to exchange information in order for them to understand each other. We use communication in all facets of our life. For instance, we socialize through communication since we use it to exchange information. This also helps us to create mutual understanding among us so that our communities can be habitable if we understand each other. Conflicts in a given society are minimised if people understand each other through communication. Another important element about communication that makes it valuable in our lives is that it differs from place to place. There are also different types of communication, for instance, the most common ones are verbal and non verbal communication. In as far as non verbal communication is concerned, it can be noted that there are different signs that are used to convey meaning between two people involved. ...
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