Discuss the extent to which digital technologies and/or new media forms have redefined and/or problemised the concept of 'author

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Topic: Redefinition of Authorship and Ownership in Media and Cultural Industries Name Professor Institution Course Date Introduction The advent of technology has had influence in virtually all industries in society. From the way education services are conducted to the way communication is done; the way wars are fought to the way manufacturing is carried out; the way treatment is done in the field of medicine to virtually how everything else is conducted.


55). New and better ways carrying out activities have been invented or innovated upon with the result that the old and archaic methods are done away with every time a new way of handling things comes about. This paper will focus on the influence of technology and new forms of media have influenced the way materials are owned in comparison with the previous methods of ownership of the same material. The paper shall deal with these new forms of ownership in terms of materials such as books, songs, pieces of art and the ownership of media houses in general. The changes technology has brought on these industries shall be outlined and compared to the previous methods. Thereafter, the advantages and disadvantages of the changes shall be outlined and a verdict made on whether the overall changes are positive or negative. It should be known that the changes brought about by technology quickly spread around the world hence any noted changes are poised to became the universal norm in a very short period (Kunz, 2007, p. 34). Books The first case that shall be handled is the sector of books. ...
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