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Name Instructor Course Date Jodi Dean's Distinction between Technocracy and Technoculture Jodi Deans argues that technocracy is associated with big brother while technoculture is associated with little brother. He argues that in the modern world technoculture, some people are more connected than others.


In this case, today people are experiencing technoculture rather than technocracy since the practices and skills accompanying computer technology today barely resemble the technocratic nature experienced in the 1984 according to Handler, Carolyn (45). In the technoculture era, technology is used in ways which have eroded privacy unlike the technocracy era in which individual privacy was highly respected. Big brother (technocracy) opposes publicity of information not only due to privacy but also for secrecy purposes. Contemporary Global Mediated Communication The forwards march of the internet into every day living was aided and supported by the exceptional demand for smart phones after the introduction of the first iphone in 2007.This has led to a new world order in the technology, telecommunication and media industry. In such a case, face book, Google, Microsoft and apple (contemporary global mediated communications) are moving towards the top of this world order pushing aside other mediated communication which existed in the twentieth century. These forms of media are essentially changing consumers’ performance and dismantling longstanding media, technology and telecoms in twentieth centuries. This contemporary global mediated communications have brought a lot of changes in contrast to the twentieth century media. ...
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