The effects of Putin's hegemony on lives of Russian citizens

The effects of Putin
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Name: Course: Professor: Date: ‘The effects of Putin's hegemony on lives of Russian citizens’ The word hegemony refers to leadership or predominant influence practiced by one nation over others, like in a confederation. Due to the association between hegemony and leadership, there is a need to define leadership meaning.


Here, a gist and common knowledge will be put forth regarding each type of hegemony; moreover, each kind of hegemony can be implemented in the scenario of relations structured on power logic, multilateral relations and bilateral relations. In the scenario of hegemonic independence, Russia is not energetic as a prevailing regional leader. However, the country has the potential to perform such a role. Pronouncements of sovereignty and political assertions are the characteristics of loose hegemony and in a hierarchic system while Russia on top is not possible. However, there have been a few signs that a comparatively tight hierarchic core is enhancing in the parameters of post-Soviet loose hegemony. Russia is definitely the central leader within the parameters of tight hegemony, here, the associations of countries may influence other countries; moreover, internal decisions are also an influential factor. Several countries that are a segment of tight hegemony with Russia at extent displayed or exhibited their dynamic opposition towards Russian hegemony. Therefore, tight hegemony is associated to a few countries (Descalzi, pp. 193-194) Vladimir Putin has been the most controversial leader of Russia. ...
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