An analysis on the foreign women's fashion magazines in China, and compare how do Chinese people appreciate Western magazines

An analysis on the foreign women
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An analysis of foreign women’s fashion magazines in China: A Comparative Study of how Chinese People Appreciate Western Magazines and Japanese Magazines. A Review of Literature Introduction This study investigates and analyses how Chinese consumers receive and value foreign women’s fashion magazines with an emphasis on attitudes toward Western magazines and Japanese magazines.


Consumer Culture in China Davis (2005) conducted a qualitative study in which two groups of Chinese consumers in Shanghai were interviewed. The first group consisting of 51 men and women were interviewed in 1987 and the second group comprised of different Chinese consumers consisted for 46 men and women. The consumers were between the ages of 40 and 50. The interviews were open-ended and involved questions relative to consumption expectations in the future. The results of the study found that since the late 1980s, Chinese consumer culture, at least in relation to Shanghai has undergone a revolution of sorts (Davis, 2005). Chinese consumers have experienced significant changes in terms of increased income, improved standards of living, increased spending power, a greater variety of consumption choices and have embraced “globally branded foodstuffs, pop-music videos and fashion” (Davis, 2005, p. 692). ...
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