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Radical Approaches in Journalism Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Introduction Journalism refers to an activity where journalists engage in preparation of written, audio or visual material intended for distribution via the public media. This is with reference to ongoing, factual proceedings of civic concern.


There are various forms of journalism depending on the workings of respective governments and intended audiences. These forms include: Broadcast journalism- this is the speaking or writing intended to be disseminated through the television or radio broadcasting. Advocacy Journalism- this refers to the process of writing in order to advocate specific viewpoints or have influence of the views of the audience. Gonzo journalism- it is an individualistic form of journalism which was initiated by Hunter Thompson. Drone journalism- this refers to a journalistic process where drones are employed so as to capture effective footage of the information to be gathered. Yellow journalism- it is also referred to as sensationalism which entails writing to emphasise rumours or claims that have been exaggerated. Investigative journalism- this is a journalistic process which entails writing so as to explain more about people or events for the purpose of giving a clear description of a certain topic. Tabloid journalism- this refers to a journalistic process which employs opinionated claims in the process of writing. This essay will cover journalism in the western democracies and how the works of two philosophers have influenced the journalism process in these western parts. The two philosophers to be covered in this case are: Slavoj Zizek and Jean Baudrillard. ...
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