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Will the Internet Kill Television? Introduction Television and television watching has reigned supreme in the entertainment landscape of society for over a hundred years. It has been the primary tool for receiving and spreading information to people within countries and relating the same information to people across the globe.


Since the internet began to get a foothold among the younger members of our society, television watching has slowly seen a decline in its demographic. With teenagers opting to spend more of them viewing time online due to the vast variety of available viewing material and the ease with which they can access the same. The constantly evolving faces of the computer has allowed teenagers and people in general, to bring their entertainment with them on the road, never missing an episode of their favorite program or the premier of a much awaited and talked about show. The internet has in effect, changed the television landscape as we know it. This paper will use the most up to date information culled from scholarly sources that will help me to shed light of the question “Will the internet Kill Television?” Using a variety of factual data, I will attempt to bring discussion closer to those involved for a better understanding of the topic. In conclusion, I will make a prediction about how I see the viewing habits of people 10 years from now and if it will still involve television viewing, or a dominance of internet viewing instead. 1. ...
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