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Using Group Techniques to Ensure Success Introduction Our group consisted of three undergraduate students, and myself, who is a graduate student, four members in total. We had two projects which we completed as a group. One of the projects was a children's book that was our mid-term exam, and we also created a power point presentation that was focused upon privacy in the digital age.


The following discussion is how the concepts in the book helped our group negotiate areas that might have led to a breakdown of communication or worse. Discussion Process Elements The first concept that will be explored will be the concept regarding process elements. Young et al. states that group members may interact in different ways to create new elements that might affect problem-solving. One of the process elements is participation, and Young et al. is careful to note that, while communication between group members is crucial, also crucial is that time-wasters and conversational bullies are kept to a minimum within the group. He also notes that there is a multi-cultural element to participation, in that certain group members from certain cultures will be less likely to participate in group discussion than would other members from different cultures. For instance, some individuals may come from a culture that respects elders and leaders, and would be, therefore, less likely to challenge the group leader or to play devil's advocate with members of the group. One thing that I did notice in my group, which was a four member group of three undergraduate students, and one graduate student, me, was that the three members of the group deferred to me a great deal. ...
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