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Steven Spielberg, widely regarded as one of the greatest film directors of his generation and to this date, rendered in ‘Schindler’s List’ an engrossing true story in a dark moment in the history of the world. The younger film was able to take advantage of the emotional plot of the screenplay and adopt it into a memorable film. The two films tackle wealth, power and influence but where one highlights a man’s fall and the subsequent inconsequentiality of his life because of greed, the other showcased how a man was able to save lives with the same virtues and transcend himself into being a person of hope. Interestingly, these two movies are in black and white as its format. ‘Citizen Kane’ released in 1941 which was directed and starred by Welles was among those first story-based movies when there was perceptibly yet to be computer effects or any sophisticated cinematic tricks. The shots seem and feel experimental with the use of long angles and backgrounds that does not quite confirm when there was optical illusion used or not. In the conversation between Charles Foster Kane and his friend Jedidiah, where the latter was telling him he wants to leave and go to Chicago, we see the entire sequence literally from the ground (Citizen Kane). The two characters simultaneously walk and talk back and forth. During the entire sequence, the camera was at the bottom focused up as obviously an intentional touch by the director. The black and white format is inherent in ‘Citizen Kane’ since there was yet to be a colored motion picture at the time. Given the early phase of the film industry, Welles was able to creatively find ways to deliver a new take on filmmaking at that time. On the other hand, the 1993 film ‘Schindler’s List’ deliberately made use of black and white despite the availability of color. Spielberg chose to revert to the old medium most probably to focus on the story and the meaning of the film. This has an advantage in a sense since Oskar Schindler is a real person and the acts of his heroism had been well recorded with first person accounts from the very people he helped. Even the last part of the film which then returned to color showing the grave of the main protagonist and the flock of people was juxtaposition on the grit and gloom of World War II Germany in stark contrast to the current times without the threat of the Nazis. It was a suitable time to make and release this film. The horrors of World War II had been decades a way, far enough that wounds had subdued and healed to an extent but still resonant that people still remember. Veterans were still alive and the younger generation still has a connection through their family. This part of history, particularly the concentration camps and the extermination of the Jews, is well discussed that almost everyone knows it and has an invested emotion on it. The technical aspect of the movie was just right in where the camera needs to be at the right moment. The sequences with Schindler alone and on his own thoughts focused on the emotions. Then his conversations with Amon Goeth were tense and point blank when necessary. The panned out angle with the people such as when they were in line and naked on the concentration camp waiting their fate are memorable. These are the kind of images that cannot be easily shaken ...Show more


‘Citizen Kane’ and ‘Schindler’s List’ are two masterful pieces from two renowned directors who both greatly represent their time. There are many similarities and differences between these two films and where the story is taken by the filmmakers. These classic films are decades apart and both have been definitive must-watch movies for their technical prominence and their captivating storytelling…
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Movie comparison
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Movie comparison paper
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