Media influence over people. How governments use media

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News reporting of the warfare was basically loyal until 1968 during the tet-offfencive. Initially, there was no reliance on media censorship since news reporters had found it impossible to air South Vietnam stories.


Many media sources opposed the U.S war in Vietnam because they saw it as a waste of time and resources. In addition, media held a sensitive attitude towards the war.
Media had the authority to leave a long-lasting legacy memorable on the whole nation. For instance, such legacies were the scenes of the South Vietnamese police officer shooting the temple that had his hands held together behind his back. The media incarcerated huge audiences in every bit it could in that televisions captured helmeted cops associating with protesters in Grant Park and spread it across televisions nationally during the democratic convention of 1968. It is significant to note that media was biased in the sense that it failed to mention the increasing conformist trend among American youngsters in 1960s. Media was inclined to show American youths as peace volunteers, civil rights activists and pacifists which was not the case.
How media portrayed the collapse of the wall of Berlin
The portrayal of the media on the fall of the Berlin barrier was trivializing the wall event. Media manipulated the truth of the matter during the scene. For instance, when the Soviet Union started to totter, journalists claimed it was a verification that the risk of totalitarian communism had never been in existence, however that was no so as per the media claims. The leftists’ journalisms attached the capitalists for exploiting the newly liberated workers after the Eastern Europe gained liberation. This was alleged by a Los Angeles reporter who claimed that communism was good in old days when the state could press personal freedom but ensure citizens were sheltered, employed and hunger free. ...
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