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“Ethical behavior is very significance and important in the society (Johannesen, 2007).” In this paper we will explore the internal and external factors that influence behavior use of deception-Manipulation Theory, Four Factor Model, and Interpersonal Deception Theory. The paper also discusses how visual images, iconic images, music and aroma effect persuasion; Subliminal Messages VS. Supraliminal Messages, Backward Masking, and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). Internal and External Factors that Influence Behavior Positive ethical behavior is expected in all careers and engagements in life. In our current society, people do not always do what is expected from them. Sometimes a person is aware that a given action will have negative consequences but still does it. In the society, it is something nice for every person to be responsible and do only what is right. This is the best way to maintain social responsibility and ethical conduct. At the same time, a person should not be guided to act in a given manner. Such ethical behavior and act should be intrinsic and consistent with human ethical principles, values and moral obligations. The importance of this behavior is that the society will live in harmony and reduce a great deal of problems faced in it (Freeman & Stewart, 2006). With reference to research, it is clear that manipulation theory offers a way of examining at a distinctive part of the interpersonal communication procedure that deals with the manner through which information packages. It is worth noting that manipulation theory is more concerned with the substance of the deceptive messages, the situational substances that bring them about, the extent to which the recognition of that message affects awareness of the deception and the relational effects related with deceptive messages. Ethical behavior determines a person’s action and how it will influence the people around him. For any action, it is necessary to make sure the greatest gain is realized. This can be explained using the utilitarian theory, which is a major ethical theory. According to utilitarianism, an action is viewed ethical if it promotes the greatest or best consequence. The resultant consequence, according to the utilitarian theory, should maximize happiness (Johannesen, 2007). The argument of this ethical theory is that actions are only right if they will promote happiness and wrong if they produce the opposite of happiness. Any form of ethical behavior should therefore be aimed at maximizing happiness. With reference to the Four Factor Model, whenever people are telling lies, there are usually four fundamental mechanisms at work. Such mechanisms include arousal, behavior control, emotion, and thinking. To begin with is arousal. Lying results to arousal and anxiety. This occur either due to disagreement at conflicting behavior and value, or because of the fear of being caught. The second factor is behavior control. Human beings try to have power over body language that might give them away. In actual fact this is impossible and leakage frequently takes place, for instance where one is controlling his or her face and his legs give him away. Emotion: Human emotions usually change whenever lying (Freeman & Stewart, 2006). Thinking: to lie, we frequently have to think harder in order to guarantee coherence in our arguments. Research records that interpersonal deception theory explains the way through which people cope ...Show more


Persuasion Name: Institution Introduction Reflecting on definition, persuasion is the procedure through which a message induces change in attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors. Every person is expected to behave appropriately based on human ethics and morals. Ethical behavior is the right way a person is expected to behave…
Author : angielebsack
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