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Name Professor’s Name Course Date The Golden Mean This is an ethical decision making rule that is expected to guide the conduct and operations of journalists. Formulated by Aristotle, the golden mean proposes that moral behaviors are essentially the means between two extreme ends.


In any case, even the bitter truth can always be reported in a right way that does not create many ripples. It is further important to note that there is no single universal middle that can apply to all situations The importance of the golden rule lies in it affirmation of the balance needed in life. All human beings should always have the ability to balance different situations depending on the nature. For instance courage is an important virtue that creates a balance between cowardice which is a deficiency and recklessness which is an excess. The golden mean is not simply the arithmetic middle between situations. Rather, every situation has its own unique middle which should always be sought. Deontological Ethics The deontological moral systems are usually characterized by the emphasis on adherence and observance of a set of independent moral values and obligations. In this case, we must clearly understand what our moral duties are before we can make the right moral judgments. More importantly, there must be proper rules to guide and regulate those moral duties. As such, when people observe these duties, they are considered to be behaving morally. On the other hand, a failure to follow the duties constitutes immoral behavior. The deontological system therefore provides an explanation on why certain actions are usually performed. ...
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