In a paper entitled "What is a language?", Neil Smith and Deirdre Wilson argue that human languages are rule-governed systems. R

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Name Professor Course Date What is language? In life, people use language for communication. However, many people do not recognize the meaning and functions of language. According to Neil Smith and Diedre Wilson, language is a rule - governed system, thus can be expressed in form of a grammar (Smith, Noam & Deirdre 12).


Despite presence of grammatical variations, grammar posses similarities due to genetic constraints on the type of grammars, and hence languages learnt by human beings. Language has varied features, which are very important and typical. It is defined with regard to a variety of rules. Such rules ensure that speakers correct mistakes they make while speaking (Carston 3). Presence of the rules informs the speaker of the need to correct grammatical mistakes made while speaking. Moreover, the rules assist man in identifying mistakes made by other people even though in not able to rectify them. Such people do not only realize that they have made mistake, but also the type of mistake made. Identification of mistakes differs with regard to dialects. For instance, when people of different English dialects meet, both are likely to realize mistakes each make during communication. However, correction of such mistakes may depend on one’s politeness. Moreover, people with nonstandard dialects might not correct mistakes from a person with standard dialect (Smith, Noam & Deirdre 15). Despite having the capacity to identify mistakes due to the existence of grammatical rules, the rules vary, thus the need for correction from people of different dialects. ...
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