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Comm 202 Final Paper Name Institution Comm 202 Final Paper Part One Number Term Definition Moral consensus 4. Mass media contribute to what society regards as acceptable or inexcusable Heinrich Hertz 9-Discovered electrical waves could be sent through the air Gatekeepers 17-People in charge of what is news in mass media and how the news is presented Ida Tarbell 18-Journalist known for her muckraking coverage of Standard Oil oligopoly 11-An industry where a few companies dominate production and distribution Watchdog function 15-Implicit in First Amendment about role of the press Philo Farnsworth 8-Created television in 1920s astroturfing 22-creating the false impression of support for a politi


Nielsen 26-Use of demographics to define potential customers or audience by their age Media multi-tasking 2-Simultaneous exposure to messages from different media Media obsessions 13- specific subject of field that a news reporters covers as a specialty 527 status 29-advocacy groups whose nonprofit status permits them to raise unlimited funds Granville Woods 7-Invented railway telegraphy Grokster 30-peer-to-peer music service subject to copyright infringement charges Trial balloons 28-means to “float an idea” without officially endorsing it to the public Cohort Analysis 23-Tool to determine the cost-effectiveness of different media testimonials 1-celebrity endorsements Feedback 3-Response to a message Rachel Maddow 16-Cable news host who takes on issues in a more thoughtful and informal way Demassification 5-Media’s focus on narrower audience segments Associated Press 14-Organization set up by newspaper publishers to share the costs of reporting from distant countries. ...
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