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Comms 202 final exam - Assignment Example

Nielsen 26-Use of demographics to define potential customers or audience by their age Media multi-tasking 2-Simultaneous exposure to messages from different media Media obsessions 13- specific subject of field that a news reporters covers as a specialty 527 status 29-advocacy groups whose nonprofit status permits them to raise unlimited funds Granville Woods 7-Invented railway telegraphy Grokster 30-peer-to-peer music service subject to copyright infringement charges Trial balloons 28-means to “float an idea” without officially endorsing it to the public Cohort Analysis 23-Tool to determine the cost-effectiveness of different media testimonials 1-celebrity endorsements Feedback 3-Response to a message Rachel Maddow 16-Cable news host who takes on issues in a more thoughtful and informal way Demassification 5-Media’s focus on narrower audience segments Associated Press 14-Organization set up by newspaper publishers to share the costs of reporting from distant countries. Known for fact-driven, objecting reporting CPM 12-Matching advertisements with the actions of potential customers Johannes Gutenberg 6-From Mainz – created movable metal type Government relations 24-Championed brand imaging for products News beats 27-scandals, conflict, horse races, and brevity Tim Berners-Lee 10-Working in Switzerland, he created the World Wide Web Part Two Question 1. Who started online-retailing in a big way? What products were sold and what effect has online-retailing had on these products? Online retailing

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Final exam
According to Lamb (1984), strategic management is a continuous process that controls and evaluates the business undertaken by the organization, evaluates the potential of its competitors of the organization, and it specifies goals and strategies for the organization in order to enable it to face the threats posed by the competitors, and then re-evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of the strategy on a periodic basis.
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Final exam
This research method allows the researcher to gain a full understanding of the subjects, as opposed to other research methodologies, where the interaction with the subjects is limited to data collection only. Survey on the other hand refers to a non-experimental research method that is descriptive in nature, which is applied when a researcher is collecting information on a phenomenon that cannot be directly observed (Fowler, 54).
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Final exam
It was launched in 2005 and has been one of the most resounding innovations in the world of technology (Tom). Lars Rasmussen a software developer from the University of Aarthus proposed the idea. It became a popular App in the market place and changed the lives of people world over.
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Final exam
What are the reasons why a conscience may be erroneous? What role does the teaching authority of the Catholic Church play in this regard? Based on the teaching from Catechism of the Catholic Church (1789), different rules apply in various situations. In this case, evil is not committed with expectations of deriving good, and this forms the Golden Rule.
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Final Exam
Along their journey up, a member of the group comes down the mountain and dumps a hurt sadhu(Holyman) at their feet and states that he had done what he could to take care of him and head back to the mountain to continue with his journey. The
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Final Exam
Because she is supposed to remain silent she does so willingly, something the woman can actually choose to do. Also, after her husband’s crude comments such as “if he loses his wife he can get another but where will he get another brother?”, Chandara realizes by
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Final exam
This research method allows the researcher to gain a full understanding of the subjects, as opposed to other research methodologies, where the interaction with the subjects is
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Final exam
Civil litigation does not entail criminal matters; hence the losing party is not jailed, but pays only damages. First civil litigation stage is pleading. Pleading stage entails filing complaint against the defendant. The defendant is allowed to
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Final exam
These are runtime errors. Runtime errors occur as your program executes. Since Python is an interpreted language, these errors will not occur until the flow of control in your program
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Final Exam
Judicial accountability and judicial independence are closely related and it can be said that they are mutually dependent. Therefore, judges and administrative law judges can be both independent and accountable. In regard to the judicial independence and
6 pages (1500 words)Assignment
basically originated way after World Wide Web was started by Tim Berners when he also structured the browser and the web server and released them for the public to consume. Tim made all these endeavors in 1990; the products became available to the public a year later. From that point on, many other like-minded individuals came up with various ways to use the Internet for various commercial uses. In 1994, the whole online retailing was started in a major way through online banking. Besides, the Pizza Hut basically encouraged their customers that had an Internet access to order their services from the comforts of their homes and to get a quick delivery of the same good pizza. The effect the online retailing had on the product was that sales increased as people didn’t have to go through the hassle of making trips to the shops as they could order goods (for ex., pizza) or do their banking from home (Mehrabian, 1974). Question 2. How does the First Amendment protect the functions of the press? In other words, what can the government NOT do? The First Amendment that was drafted in the US basically sought to give freedom to the press. The congress was to be stopped from making and passing any laws that could infringe the rights of speech especially of the journalists as they were to be protected by the constitution. The act was to cover all the forms of the media including television, radio, print media, and now the web. The news that was to be presented from that day onwards was to be free from censorship of the government. That basically meant
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Comm 202 Final Paper Name Institution Comm 202 Final Paper Part One Number Term Definition Moral consensus 4. Mass media contribute to what society regards as acceptable or inexcusable Heinrich Hertz 9-Discovered electrical waves could be sent through the air Gatekeepers 17-People in charge of what is news in mass media and how the news is presented Ida Tarbell 18-Journalist known for her muckraking coverage of Standard Oil oligopoly 11-An industry where a few companies dominate production and distribution Watchdog function 15-Implicit in First Amendment about role of the press Philo Farnsworth 8-Created television in 1920s astroturfing 22-creating the false impression of support for a politi…
Comms 202 final exam
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