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Media platforms and products Name Institution People tend to have different responses with regard to various media contents or information. The media is obliged to provide information, entertain and educate the society among other functions. This work will focus on some societal changes as a result of media contents.


One would simply say that the world would be ‘blind’ without such broadcasting channels. However, there are some negative effects of television contents to different social groups in the entire universe. The majority of current media companies do not adhere to certain national and international media regulations. The rampant technology advancements imply some changes in the society. Media personalities hardly put more emphasis on their career ethics so long as their audience is entertained or contented. Modern ladies in the media companies wear short and sex appealing uncomfortable dresses to keep the male audience attracted. This may be appealing to the younger generation unlike older adults who appreciate good morals. They regularly use the ‘F’ word to communicate with a specific group of the audience. Due to this, some international media broadcasting companies have lost their permits in nations with strict religious and cultural laws, more so in the Middle East nations. The human rights activists have strongly advocated for good media content or platform to the society. Several media oriented studies indicate that the current children are likely to grow an immoral society if some of the immoral and unethical elements in the media are not well dealt with. ...
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