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The Human Rights in the Media in Syria Introduction The popular Arab spring that began in 2011 brought to the limelight the suffering and hardship that citizens of the Arab nations that revolted undergo, which include human rights violation on men, women, and children.


Because of this government control on the freedom of free reporting, many human rights violations have gone unnoticed and the World is even unaware of such atrocities. In the current Syrian crisis, the Assad government has been accused of committing human rights violation that includes deprivation of basic human needs to its population. Because of their plight, the Syrian population has increasingly relied on both the local and international media to tell out their story to the world as well as reach out to for help from bodies such as the United Nations. The main aim objective of this research paper is to investigate how the media promotes or protect human rights. The pointing case will be how the Syrian population is using the media to reach out to the World and the United Nations, and how the United Nations is subsequently trying to support the Syrian population through the media. The Syrian Crisis According to Ajami, the Arab uprising or revolution marked the breaking point for the internal problems that were being experienced in the Arab countries that included Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Syria and the revolt was used as a way to express citizen’s dissatisfactions with the countries’ leadership. ...
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