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Analysis of Beyonce
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Name Professor’s Name Course Date Analysis of Beyonce's Music Video "Run the World" Introduction An American artist, Beyonce Knowles recorded ‘Run the World (Girls) song, though the composers and the writers of the song includes Terius Nash, Nick Van de Wall, Wesley Pentz, David Taylor, and Adija Palmer…


Produced in 2011, the song manifested a mixture of several genres of music in it, which included alternative hip-hop dance hall, pop style, and R&B. the song in its title and lyrical messages that unapologetically promotes the empowerment of the females in the society. Upon the release of the song, different reaction from the critics of the song, a section of the people complimented beyonce regarding the sampling of the song, the musical direction, and the aggressiveness of Knowles in asserting the message of the music. Contrary, there were also those who thought that Knowles ought not to have continues with the old themes but to switch lanes with reference to the content f the song, they also cited the fact the song has taken a more assertive direction in promoting the empowerment of the women and that has diluted the taste of the song. In the US, the song reached on the US Billboard Hot 100 number 29, in other countries like Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, Japan and Scotland, the song by Beyonce moved to top 10, and it also won in 2011 MTV Video Music Awards the best-choreographed video. ...
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