Cultural globalization is not americanization

Cultural globalization is not americanization  Essay example
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Student’s name: Professor’s name: Course Code: Date: Cultural Globalization is not Americanization Abstract There exist debates on whether cultural globalization is not Americanization. To some extent the statement is true and somehow false. Individuals in the society have yearned to have products that are produced locally for purposes of identifying themselves with their products…


This is because; the Americans have influenced the world to act and think like them. For instance, the fashion and eating habits of various countries have a great influence from the Americans. Globalization has both positive and negative impacts depending on how it has been incorporated in the society. This paper is going to focus its discussion on the subjects of globalization, glocalization and Americanization, depicting from Philippe Legrain’s statement that: “And just as a big city can support a wider spread of restaurants than a small town, so a global market for cultural products allows a wider range of artists to thrive. For sure, if all the new customers are ignorant, a wider market may drive down the quality of cultural products” from Cultural globalization is not Americanization.” In the existing global-local debate, “Americanization” has always been used interchangeably with the term “globalization” (Attitudes to globalization 58). This argument has ignored the larger issue on globalization and most probably where the debate tends to concentrate. The invasion of Iraq by America heightened American brands corporate sensitivity in a manner that commercialized on United States Brand muscles. ...
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