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Debates on Media Effects

With reference to a specific case study, mostly on the use of videogames and its impact on children’s behaviour, an assessment on media effect and influence will be carried out by this essay. Body of the paper The media have various effects on society. In the past 60 years or so, a significant amount of research has been undertaken in order to assess the relationship between the media and the audience in terms of the latter’s behaviour. Much hysteria and concern have been seen among the general population throughout the years have been exhibited based on something they may have watched on television or film (Buckingham, 2003). In 1938, a radio adaptation by Orson Welles of H.G Wells’ science fiction book ‘War of the Worlds’ certainly caused hysteria among the people who believed they were actually being invaded by Martians (Gunter & Harrison, 2013). In the 1950s, American caricatures and comic books have also brought life to violence (Buckingham, 2003). Psychologists have expressed concerns on the addictive impact of TV on passive children; however, other experts have also noted better cognitive development for children exposed to television (Andison, 1977). ...
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Debates on Media Effects Introduction The media have become one of the most powerful resources man has ever developed. It represents a tool of communication and information which humans have established to enhance and widen human relations and perspectives…
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