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News Story Critique Name Course Tutor Date News Story Critique There have been studies on the research topic sex and sexuality both by scholars and by students. However, due to the technological growth, globalization, and social integration there has been new dynamics to these topic as people explore more on sex and sexuality.


To achieve this, the paper will draw evidence from the news article to analyze the framing of the sex research in these news outlets in relation to our studies in class. It is clear that sex research is very significant in the modern society. Indeed, sex research leads to improved sexual behaviors, reduced negative sex outcomes, delayed starting of sexual activity among the youth, increased protection during sex, reduced sexual partners. Moreover, the media frames the sex research to influence mass opinion. Ideally, framing in research refers to how individuals or groups perceive and communicate the reality in the society. In the media, framing of a research topic defines how the media influences the public opinion and such influence may be behavioral or attitudinal. Indeed, Van Gorp establishes that the framing process assesses the impact of the present cultural phenomena in relation to the present social realities. Indeed, sex and sexuality are social realities in our society and as such, the media frames the research on this topic to the effect of the society. The media frames the sex research in a unique yet convincing manner. The media frames the sex research from a qualified and authorized author. For example, the news article states that the respondent to the research, Dr. ...
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