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research the new media and the young's media literacy - Dissertation Example

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The first testing done in IBM SPSS was to conduct a Paired Sample T-test with the following categories: Age Group, Gender, Daily Phone Calls, Texting, Tech Photos and Daily PC…

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research the new media and the young's media literacy

The Social Media Access was noted at -.117 and the hours spent in Social Media was output to .265, with correlation as significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed) level.
The rest of the table shows the correlations between the variables through a cross-tabulation with outputs in Sum of Squares and Cross-products, the accorded Covariance, N (100), the Pearson Correlation by variable, and the Significance by variable.
The overall picture of both analyses conducted in MS Excel and IBM’s SPSS show that the group had a fairly good grasp of new media literacy through use of technological tools, the use of social media sites and that from about the age of 14 onwards, there was a significant understanding of how to use tools in accessing the Internet and Social Media. However, what is not indicated so much in this research survey, is how the respondents react to various advertisements, other than in the Apple case review of where those anxious to buy new products, behaved much like any Westerner in lining up to waiting for the opening of the new Apple store in China. Interest is just as high in China as in the West, whenever a new store or new products are being presented to the public for the first time. Everyone want to know what the latest product will do. From that point, it is up to the user to develop the methods of interaction, based on the product’s capabilities. The overall Correlations Table is presented on the following page. ...
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