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Gaffer in filmmaking is the key electrician who is responsible for the designing and execution of the lighting plan for the scenes that are to be shot. Gaffers are involved in the Technical department of the Production stage of filmmaking and are directly involved in the filming process.


Lighting, its effective designing and timely execution is crucial for the success of any shot, making the man responsible for the whole affair central to the art of filmmaking. According to Iggy, one of the leading gaffers in the filmmaking and who is also an avid blogger, the prerequisites for working as a gaffer is the acquisition of technical knowledge and a sound know-how of the equipment (Iggy, n.p.). For having an executive position, creativity and decision making skills are extremely crucial as well. Gaffer unions and guilds do exist; they offer internships as well as support for a gaffer while s/he is under employment. For example, the Motion Picture Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians Local 728 is one such organization listed on the IATSE website that works to support gaffers in the filmmaking industry (IATSE 728). An initiation fee is usually mandatory to gain membership in such unions. A gaffer’s importance to filmmaking cannot be emphasized enough since it is one of the most pivotal roles in the entire process of cinematography. Effective management of the lighting on the set ensures a brilliant filming of a scene; hence, the correlation between a good gaffer and the success of the film is strong. Best Boy Electric is the assistant to the gaffer in the filmmaking industry. ...
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