Socio-Cultural Turn in Public Relations Scholarship

Socio-Cultural Turn in Public Relations Scholarship Essay example
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Public relations scholarship
Over the years, many corporates have utilized public relation scholarship as a tool of enhancing their organizational performance whereby they direct the outcomes of this research to further their organizational goals and processes.


Due to this fact, the social world has not had its fair share of this research as far as public relations are concerned . It is a well-known fact that organizations do operate in the social world full of cultural diversity and any communication or decision that does not take into account the interests of the socio-cultural dimension is ineffective. This is because such public relations may not go down well with a section of persons in the social scene .
Public relations scholarship has in turn taken a new dimension to meet the emerging interests by the society and culture. It has become evident that public relations scholarship cannot be the reserve of organizations alone but ought to incorporate such aspect of life as anthropology, storytelling, cultural studies, and pragmatism as a whole . These methodological approaches encompass both the practical and the theoretical aspects of various disciplines ranging from post-colonial life, sociology, political economy, cultural, and ecological studies .
Recent studies have proved that when scholars engage in the new ways of public relations like extracting interviews especially from those who specialize in that particular field, they tend to expand their communication insight and gain more inspiration . This enables them to face the social world with confidence and a new perspective of handling diverse personalities as these also, exist in the world where organizations operate. ...
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