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Day for Night Film Review Name Institution Day for Night Film Review La Nuit Americaine was a French film that was released in 1973 and Francois Truffaut directed it. The film stars Jean-Pierre Leaud and Jacqueline Bisset and in French, the name of the film means a special process that contains a number of sequences which are shot outdoors in broad daylight.


Plot The film ultimately narrates the production of Meet Pamela, a passe melodrama that stars Jean-Piere Aumon who is the aging movie icon, Valentina Cortese, Jean-Pierre Leaud and Jacqueline Bisset who is a British actor. It is evident from the film that Jacqueline Bisset who plays as Julie Baker in film, is recovering a nervous collapse as well as the controversy that leads her to marry the doctor who is much older. In between the film, there are various small vignettes. They include chronicle of the crewmembers stories and Truffaut who is the director of the film, faces with the numerous practical problems that a person faces when making a film. The film portrays that behind the cameras, the crew and actors go through many sorrows, break-ups, affairs and romances. The event that particularly shakes up the production is when the fiancee to Alphonse abandons him for the stuntman in the film and this leads him and Julie to have a one-night fling. The production is also shaken up when a car suddenly kills Alexandre and one of the supporting actors is discovered to be pregnant (Truffaut, 1986). The cast consists of Jacqueline Bisset who plays as Julie, Jean-Pierre Aumont plays Dani as Liliane, Valentina Cortese who plays as Severine, Alexandra Stewart who plays as Stacey, Alexandre, and Jean Champion plays as Bertrand. ...
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