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Examining factors affecting independence in the selection and production of news in the United States Name: University: Table of Contents 1.1 Introduction 3 1.2 Background of the study 3 1.3 Rationale and purpose of the study 4 1.4 Objectives 5 1.5 Research question 5 1.6 Hypothesis 5 2 Literature review 6 2.1 The process of selection and production of news 6 2.2 Media stakeholders and their impact on selection and production of news 6 2.3 Consequences of stakeholder’s influence on the quality of news 9 3 Methodology 10 3.1 Research design 10 3.2 Sample size 11 3.3 Data collection instruments 11 3.4 Data analysis 12 3.5 Ethical considerations 12 3.6 Discussion and conclusion 13 1.1 Introduc


In democratic countries, the media is allowed the freedom to propagate news without undue influence from the government and the political class. In such nations, the media are free to air and communicate any information to the general public, although they have to follow regulatory rules set by the communications commission’s in their respective jurisdictions. In dictatorial societies, the freedom of mass media is limited, and the political class manipulates what is selected and produced by the media. Such nations are viewed as politically and democratically immature. Citizens who are subjects to repressive governments receive partial information as the government determines the content of every news release. It is widely acknowledged that the news has a momentous impact on the lives of citizens. The numerous parties involved in the news making should be viewed as stakeholders, who have every sort of interests in dynamically determining what the media’s impact on people’s lives will be. ...
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