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Student Name Professor Name Course Title Day Month Year Children and Media Introduction Ask twenty different people what they believe the ideal definition of ‘childhood’ is and you will likely receive twenty entirely different responses. Thoughts given will likely differ depending on whether the family was poor or rich, educated or uneducated.


The historical definition of childhood is altogether different than that consistent with the modern era. While cultural constructs of childhood continue to differ today by culture and region of the world, the reality is that the global notion of how children should be raised and taught to integrate into society is gradually changing to the point that it will not resemble the childhood of old. The idea of childhood is both complex and simple. As discussed in COM 126, childhood is the one social institution that we cannot truly understand and begin to dissect until we have lived through it. Since each of us has now successfully entered adulthood, we are able to begin to understand the reality of our own childhood. In order to understand the reality of others, however, we must dive into and understand difficult cultural ideals and notions. We must examine childhood in a historical context, and look at how the modern era is causing us to rethink past ideas about the child and family. This paper is an attempt to answer these questions and to analyze the current role of children in society, across societies, and through the lens of history. The Historical Relationship of Family and Child If we just consider America, we can see a radical shift in the way children are viewed in society about every 30-40 years. ...
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