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Cognitive dissonance theory in persuasive messages

Although seeking to measure such a dynamic and marketing and psychological advertising would necessarily require a dissertation length response, this brief analysis will seek to engage the reader with an understanding of how celebrity within advertising works to create a more favorable impression with regards to the imagery and understanding of the product itself. Furthermore, as a means of performing such an analysis, it will be necessary to engage the reader with a discussion and appreciation of the means by which consciousness, social psychology, and motivation (as well as many subcategories of each of these) all work together to affect such an end in the minds of the potential consumer. Moreover, three specific academic studies will be utilized as a means of drawing inference upon the hypothesis of this research which regards the understanding that celebrity influences a great deal upon the level in which a potential consumer has to interact with the given good/service/product. ...
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It is without question that advertising and marketing heavily relies upon psychological instruments in order to integrate with the potential consumer. The fact of the matter is that advertising has become something of an art form in which marketers have sought to leverage various aspects of human psychological mechanisms as a way of convincing the potential buyer that they should buy a particular product or utilize a particular service…
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