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If someone is good in drawing, he can draw pictures and sell them locally or submit them to an online competitor for a price. If one is good in cooking, he can start his own catering business. When one is perfect in giving advice, he can liaise with education institutions for capacity building exercise. Some of the important things one has to do to earn that extra cash include identifying that talent, refine the talent, package the talent, talk and display the talent, ask for avenues, network, and keep records of operations. Graduates have always demonstrated volunteering before securing that permanent job. Volunteering rounds up a resume and are an advantage to any occupation that is paid. Working as a volunteer secures a stable and concrete references. Consequently, the experienced employees who are downsized during the recession and stay off work for some time are disadvantaged when attempting to enter the job market. A large gap in employment is suspicious to employers. However volunteering fills that gap and sends a powerful message to employers that although jobless, a person is motivated. Additionally, volunteering creates a networking opportunity to increase the exposure of a job seeker and offers crucial networking opportunities. ...
Training and updating skills at off or on work setting is very important. Updating skills on team work, trust building, and leadership is important because it is the future of companies. Updating skills is also important to high level management to

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be trained on latest trends for a better future. Updating skills enables one not to become stagnant or stale. This is because education is a continuous process, and skills need to be developed by analyzing inadequacies of someone. Life is a struggle for existence and survival. For one to remain in the race, updating skills is important. This is because without updating skills, being sidelined from the race will be very easy. Job ad Marketing Manager Job Description At Protege Inc., we specialize in marketing of systems. The company operates three largest retail firms helping them to develop and maintain systems. The company offers a starting salary of $400 per week based on 30 hours weekly, or commission. The company’s commission plan is lucrative. The hardworking employees earn over the guaranteed amount. The future employees of Protogee are eligible to grow while concentrating on the following sectors. Develop marketing mechanisms and strategies. Acquisition of clients and customers Launch of goods and implementation Leadership training. Expand the companies operation Strategizing for the promotional advertisement Requirement  Candidate with Bachelor’s degree in any business related fields are encouraged to apply via Cover letter Dennis Mark 10366-00200, Nairobi. Mr. Brian Jack, Principal, Protogee Inc. Upper-hill Shelter Afrique, 3rd Floor. Nairobi. June, 12 2013. Dear Sir, REF: APPLICATION FOR A MARKETING MANAGER The success of an organization entirely depends on its employees. My


Employment Communication (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Summary There are many ways someone can earn money before securing a stable job in his field of study. This is through leveraging his current talent. The current society places a premium on talents of individuals…
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