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Employment Communication (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Summary After the interview, the job seeker plays the patience game. One has to wait before contacting the potential employer. The potential employer should not be badgers by asking them often.


This approach is also encouraged. When job seeker takes this step, they continue interviewing and looking for other job opportunities. If a job seeker do not hear any response within one month then it is better to assume disinterest (Parzych 2000). One might decide to contact the employer because waiting is not easy and also contacting the prospective employer can be the last chance to express interest in that job. If the job seeker decides to contact the prospective employer, it is important to review to what the employers said during the interview. It is acceptable to email or call the interviewers 3 working days after the interview for instance if the interview was on Friday wait until Wednesday. If the potential employer stipulated the date to call back, also it is appropriate to wait after three working days (Parzych 2000). Introduction I conducted an information interview with Fredrick Daniel. He is the Chief Finance Officer for Financial Services Associates in East Africa. I chose Fredrick because he was voted the most successful CFO in the region; also his latest career articles on the daily newspaper are always captivating. The interview questions narrowed down on what his position entails (qualifications, daily activities, and challenges). The interview was successful because he enlightened me on area I sought clarification. ...
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