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One particular topic within the educational system that always seems to garner a level of disagreement is with regards to the extent that sexual education can and should be taught, at what ages, and in what ways. Ultimately, the contention concerning this can point its way back to the age old debate between moral conservatism and a level of openness or liberalism.


As a means of drawing inference upon the overall level of appreciation or dissatisfaction with the current system, this particular analysis sought to engage three specific former sexual education students that all experienced sexual education in the public school system. Although it cannot be said that from the interviews that were conducted a consensus was able to be determined, it was able to be understood by this particular interviewer that key trends and realizations were presented as a result of the interview questions asked. As a means of clarity, each of the three participants were asked the following eight questions: 1. Do you feel that sexual education prepared for life? (sex, puberty, child birth) 2.what was the worst part of sexual education? Why? 3.what was the best part? Why? 4. If you could change anything about sex Ed what would it be and why? 5. Do u believe that more than reproductive function and how to have safe sex should be taught in sex Ed. Why or why not? 6. Do you believe that sexual education should taught to boys and girls separately? 7. When are you talking about sex- related topics with your parents? 8. ...
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