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Public relations and advertising Introduction Advertising can be described as any paid form of non personal message used to promote the goods, services or ideas of any identified sponsors. On the other hand public relations refer to the art of promoting products, services or ideas through a third party or an independent medium…


The present study looks to analyze the important roles played by Advertisements and Public relations in the marketing of educational and social services. Also simultaneously the challenges the faced by Advertisements and Public relations in the marketing of educational and social services have also been discussed (Cowan, 2005). Roles Probably ten to fifteen years back, marketing was not an integral part of the educational services and institutions. Simply because education was not perceived as an industry and there were very few organizations that were a part of it. However, things have changed. With the rise in income of the people the desire to have quality education have also gone up and as a result a lot more players have entered into this industry. Hence, marketing and communications have become an integral part of the educational institutions in order to raise awareness among the target audience (Kazmi, 2010). As a result the role of Ads and PR ha become critical in the success of such organizations. Usually the ads of the educational institutions revolve around aspects such as the facilities and infrastructure provided, faculties, placement records. ...
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