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Culture and Portfolio Name University Course Tutor Date Culture and Popular Culture The definition of culture is very broad but it essentially refers to a wide-range of intellectual, aesthetic and spiritual developments, a definition that is mostly considered when looking at the cultural development of Western Europe.


Culture can also imply the works and practices of academic and more so creative activities. In order to explain the popular culture the last two definitions of the word culture must be utilized, the way of life- holidays such as Easter weekend, Christmas, these are mostly known as the livid cultures. The other definition of culture as suggesting practices- this would lead us to conceive of football, hip pop music, theatres, films and videos, popular culture is a derivative of the term culture and cannot ‘stand on its own’. The definition of culture elicits a complicated meaning because it is all encompassing, together with words such as education which can mean everything but not specific on a single item. However, since it is used in daily human discourse, it is important to conjure up a meaning, it can refer to the context, values, subjectivity, attitudes and skills on which the society or an individual defines his or their identity. Culture is different from popular culture as it is static, the latter is constantly changing, for instance dressing, and current trends depict people wearing tighter clothing. ...
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