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The Tipping Point

In attempting to understand this dynamic, the reader is made aware of the fact that by integrating with such an understanding, society, and by extension the individual, are more apt to be able to understand and influence the way in which such adoption of new paradigms and ideals can take place. As a means of understanding the viewpoints and ideas that the book put forward, this particular analysis will seek to understand these dynamics from the vantage point of popular culture and the means by which ideas are generated and accepted/discarded (Gladwell, 2002). Although the book itself is replete with exceptional examples of how a single idea comes to be championed and ultimately can impact upon the paradigm of thinking for an entire region, or the globe for that matter, there are three concepts in particular that this analysis will seek to focus upon. ...
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The Tipping Point Institution Date Although a great many factors help to define the current world in which we live, one of the realities that has been definitively proven is with regards to the rapid pace and development of new ideas. One of the main contributing factors to the way in which ideas are rapidly generated, engaged with, and either accepted or thrown by the wayside is with regards to the increasing level of technological dependence that has been evidenced over the past several decades…
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