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Research Paper on Public Relation Campaigns As Key Constituent of Contingency Plan in Crisis Situation A Study of Tylenol Murder Case Introduction The success of a firm is a major imperative that fundamentally pre-empts and promotes tools and creative mechanisms to address issues or factors which impact its performance and market credibility.


Crisis management necessitates immediate attention to the issues or factors which have a huge potential to damage the credibility of the firm, leading to significant financial losses (Cornelissen, 2008). Consequently, contingency planning has become an intrinsic part of crisis management, which identifies and evaluates creative ways to mitigate risks from the crisis situation. Effective public relation exercise and communication have emerged as vital strategic tools, especially in crisis situations, that help to maintain market credibility and trust of various stakeholders of the firm (Heath & Coombs, 2006). The Tylenol murder case is a prime example of excellent public relation and effective communication during and after the crisis that had significantly contributed to retaining the firm’s credible image and trust of its stakeholders and shareholders. Background of the Crisis Issue In 1982, with more than one million over-the-counter sales and 37% of the market share, Tylenol capsule was the leading brand of painkiller in United States. It also accounted for 33% of Johnson & Johnson’s profit growth (Berge, 1998). On September 29, 1982, a twelve-year-old girl became the first victim of a cyanide-laced Tylenol capsule in Illinois. ...
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