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Name Professor Module Date Electronic Media Critical Analysis INTRODUCTION Television has been proven to be the worst inventions in the contemporary world. This is because it has a huge impact on public opinion, behavior and culture in society (Sparks 7). Yet, most of the Americans spend most of their time watching TV.


Broadcast TV shows such as Big Brother, The Simpsons, The View and Family Guy have gained increased popularity over time resulting to unconstructive impacts on the social, political, educational and religious scenes. This essay discusses the negative impacts of Broadcast TV shows by exploring the key areas it touches on. Stereotypes and Prejudices. Broadcast TV shows have been observed to contribute highly in the perpetuation of prejudice and negative stereotypes in the American society (Shaffer 413). Although such shows use this as a form of humor, it has a huge impact on the way society views certain groups of people. Nearly every broadcast TV shows portrays Black males as drug dealers, thugs or criminals. This impacts negatively on the way society view Black males. On the other hand, Muslims are depicted as terrorists which was facilitated by the 9/11 attack. Society is influenced to view them as bad people who are a threat to security. These two examples show how Broadcast TV shows promote stereotypes and prejudices in society resulting to tension between racial groups in society. Social Effects. The first social problem arising from watching Broadcast TV shows is lack of originality among the population. People are likely to imitate the TV stars mode of speaking, dressing and personal style which is a common problem among teenagers. ...
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