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Journalism & Communication
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While Facebook membership is free, nothing is ever free, and in order to use the free electronic services provided by Facebook, people have to put most of their mysteries at these network’s disposal…

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Media researchers and experts today offer new methods to interact that have their basis on the internet as a means of communication. Modern media has created a completely new world, especially in social relations and has managed to create significant changes in the societal communications. The most recent form of human relations has been shepherded by the internet and social networks. Through sharing their private world and minimizing physical distance, and other social networks provide an easier way. Every user is at the same level, apparently, and can experience widespread communication in spite of geographical and political borders. The increasing tendency towards Facebook shows that the internet has been greatly affected by it. Considering this, is a pioneer in social networks and is considered as the world’s largest site. With the spread of Facebook, relations are now wider and closer than they have been in the past. In fact, Facebook has now become a part of people’s lives, which is inseparable; it has both negative and positive effects on a person’s life. It is believed by various experts that Facebook has seen relationships enter a new phase where individuals are more aware of one another faster and better. However, on the other hand, other experts believe that Facebook has created many issues. ...
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