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Community organization as public ministry

A lot of social injustices have been known to occur within the community.  This is mainly caused by those people who refuse to work within the fringes of the law and general principles that uphold the societal values.  For the community to be together, people must recognize that societal values should be encouraged and people brought under proximate grounds to heed these values. Communities that refuse to work together often fail to recognize the advantages these values. Like any other bodies formed to address matters, community organization is known to have both the advantageous and disadvantageous values.  The benefits of community organization include empowering the society by involving the people in a certain area to come together. This gives them the courage to address other injustice. When people come together in the society they have more strength to address a certain issue compared to people who do it individually. Community organization acts as a voice for the voiceless in the society. Organizations have been known to develop to benefit the organization members, and other members of the society.  An organization may be developed to address the rights of the handicapped people. With this, they can fight for certain issues to be addressed these handicapped people are still considered as members of the society.Besides the above mentioned advantages, a person who joins a community organization can get the some benefits. One can widen his social and professional networks by meeting new people. ...
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In the paper “Community organization as public ministry” the author analyzes organizing community as a public ministry, which will play a key role in influencing social justices that will integrate mutual benefits. Therefore, spiritual leadership is essential as the connector within the framework.

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