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Law of Tort: Traffic Accident Law Name: The Issues in the Case Jack Roberts and Laura Coombs lived together, but they never had new legal documents ascertaining their relationship. Therefore, following the death of Laura, it would be difficult to compensate Roberts following his psychiatric condition prompted by that death.


Kevin Browning was drunk or drinking while driving and he should take all the liabilities that followed the accident. Following the police investigation, Kelvin knocked Laura Coombs on the pavement as opposed to on the road. However, he claims that he will not take full responsibilities of the ill health of Robert, whose health deteriorated because of witnessing accident since Robert did not actually see the accident happen. Moreover, according to Norris J. Roberts will not be compensated since he did not have any relationship with Laura. Additionally, Kelvin is appealing the cause not to take any liability of Laura’s mother’s ill health following the death of her daughter facilitated by kelvin’s reckless driving. According to Kelvin, Clare was not at the scene of accident; thus, she is not a witness to the accident. Moreover, she did not see the major body parts of Laura, so she cannot give accounts of what the accident did to her daughter. It is also worth stating that there is not point she appeared shocked on learning that her daughter got involved in an accident and subsequent death. Clare suffered health problems following the death of her daughter and demands that Kelvin should take of her psychiatric medical bills among other attached responsibilities a crewed by the same. ...
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