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Age Discrimination

Age discrimination is discrimination based on the age related factors. It has been a problem for the whole world from the centuries. It can be direct or indirect. There are many laws and regulations have been established to prevent the age discrimination but there is still need a lot to be done to overcome this problem.This system is used by many UK based law firms. The system is also a cause of brain draining since there are many older workers who do not want to leave their jobs and are still capable of doing tasks perfectly. Thus, the prevalent system is considered a major cause of age discrimination.The new legislation will be implemented from 1st October 2006; the new system can help organizations and people in reducing the age discrimination. The compulsory retirement ages that are different from the legal standard of 65 will become unlawful or be expired under the upcoming legislation."The Government consulted on proposals to legislate on age discrimination in "Coming of Age". The consultation ended on 17 October. Subject to Parliamentary approval the legislation will come into force on 1 October 2006.remove the upper age limit for unfair dismissal and redundancy rights, giving older workers the same rights to claim unfair dismissal or receive a redundancy payment as younger workers, unless there is a genuine retirementToday, employers need to recruit older workers than younger workers. An older worker means a worker of over 50 years of age. There are currently around 20 million people who are 50 and over alone in the U.K. It is estimated that this figure will reach 27 million by 2030. ...
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Age discrimination is discrimination based on the age related factors.It has been a problem for the whole world from the centuries.There are many laws and regulations have been established to prevent the age discrimination but there is still need a lot to be done
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