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Treatment review occurs only when treatment is new, controversial or bordering on the experimental. Ethics and credential committees perform such reviews.
Other licensing or regulatory bodies that require adherence to similar guidelines govern organizations not receiving funds from the Canadian or American federal governments. Individual researchers who do not receive government funding and who do not belong to an organization are not required to adhere to such regulations. However, adherence to the guidelines is recommended for good practice, research and citizenship and to avoid legal liability. When organizations or groups without ethical review boards propose research, a university, hospital, licensing or professional organization, or another institution does reviews. Psychologists performing research or working within provincial or state agencies may need to follow additional guidelines.
Individual researchers and practitioners are required to follow consent guidelines in lock step. Thus, consent information is usually given through a typed document with a set order of information. ...
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It is a phrase and quite possibly it is a justification not in favour of civil or criminal liability. Those who utilize this protection are quarrelling that they should not be supposed liable for a tort or a crime, since the conduct in question were taken with the claimant or "victim's" consent and authorization.
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