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Many thanks to my teachers for granting me their time, help and ongoing encouragement. This help has been invaluable to me and has made the dissertation journey a much more enjoyable and didactic experience.
A few years ago, little did I know that my incentives to undertake intellectual property law in the first instance based on my penchant for learning would patent themselves in with my personal vocation of working for the entertainment industry.The fundamental reason for choosing this topic was that having searched literature I found that very few works had been conducted with regards to Intellectual property issues in the cyberspace.Some of the limitations to my study became obvious to


I have made this vital principle as the guiding star of my life and so for this dissertation. I believe that harmony with my colleagues at work and class-fellows and schoolteachers can work wonders in the efficient achievement of group tasks. Last but not the least I tried to keep focused. This is partly due to my family oriented lifestyle and fatigue from my job which I need to finance the running expenditure of my further studies.
This dissertation aims to explore a number of issues in the context of the intellectual property rights issues particularly in the context of the copyright industry's historical and present reliance upon the law of copyright to acquire commercial value and basically how the advent of new technology has threatened such reliance on copyright law. The digital age seems to have compromised the concept of copyright material and has had negative outcomes for the publishing, music and the computer industries. ...
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