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Employment Law for Business

Although the estimates shows that majority of victims filing cases are women there has been an increase on recorded cases of men filing against the female workers, a good example is the Britain's equal employment opportunities commission (Britain's EEOC) which has recorded eight percent sexual complaints coming from men. It is a psychological and sexual abuse which involves bullying and has been seen as illegal discrimination. There have been enormous lawsuits in courts concerning sexual harassment. The lawsuits has been having it's own outcomes on both the employer and the employee.
The main purpose for this study is to examine the general outcomes of sexual harassment lawsuits for employees and employers, to help end the increasing sexual harassment cases between the employers and their employees and lastly to bring the true picture of law regarding sexual harassment.
The rising cases of lawsuits have brought some serious consequences to the employees who are the victims of harassment. This leaves the sexual harassment victim with only three options of enduring the suffering, making courageous attempts to it a move that has a high likelihood of worsening the situation and lastly opting to leave the employment for a more conducive environment.2
There is a feeling of humiliation to the employee ...
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Sexual harassment has been a common scenario in various organizations. This is the unwelcome attention of sexual nature prevailing between the employees and the employers. It emanates from gentle misbehaviors to very serious abuses that involve forced sexual intercourse to the victim…
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