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Union organizing

In every establishment the employee and employer relationship and their performance are regulated by proper labor laws. Though most of these labor laws are intended to protect the interests of the employees, they are seen generally exploited by the employers. The act of the employers may provoke the employees so that they may organize themselves to safeguard their interests by bargaining their needs collectively, through strikes or by other means. In order to avoid such strikes that may thwart the progress of the establishment, the employers may seek settlements.These settlements may have pros and cons. Sometimes these will go in favor of the employees due to their power of collective demand. And at other times if there is conflict in their demands the settlement may favor the employers too.Success of any organizations largely depends upon the intensity of the employee-employer relationship. This relationship is based on the quantity and quality of safety and protection, care and value an employer gives to the employee, and the magnitude of service an employee provides to the employer. Different labor laws were enacted in the course of time to restrict the employers from exploiting the employees. If the employees suspect that the employer is exploiting them the employees will tend to organize to safeguard their interests. No democratic government can prohibit the rights of the employee to organize. However, to avoid wanton dealings untoward conflicts certain laws were formulated on to how this union organizing can be processed ...
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In every establishment the employee and employer relationship and their performance are regulated by proper labor laws. Though most of these labor laws are intended to protect the interests of the employees, they are seen generally exploited by the employers…
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